Michael D. D'Andrea 
Michael D. D'Andrea wrote his first full length feature screenplay at the age of 18 and acquired his first agent by the age of 19.
Always a strong and prolific writer, he has ten screenplays and two television pilots to his credit, one of which was based on his series of children's books.
He received a Focus Award nomination for his feature screenplay, "Peripheral Vision" and an Achievement Award for his short film, "The Long Way Home" which he also produced and directed. "The Long Way Home", after a few theatrical screenings, also found a home on cable television for 5 weeks. Unusual for a short film.
He has been represented by several notable industry agencies, among them, The William Morris Agency, while also founding an independent production company called Barleau Street Films.
He's directed several short films as well as a music video and is currently quite busy with a number of projects.He's directing a new commercial. He's developing no less than two children's television programs, "The Imagine Island" and "The Tortoise and the Girl."

He is currently marketing his new feature-length suspense thiller "Peripheral Vision" which is now available for exhibition and home video. He is also currently in development of "Closure"

Warren Potter 
Mr. Potter has been a partner of Barleau Street Films from its beginning and currently represents the company in Los Angeles, CA.
The award-nominated filmmaker has worked post-production for Fox, Paramount TV, MTV, Comedy Central, The History Channel, and is currently working on productions for NBC and E! Networks. In addition to his work with Barleau Street Films, he is most proud of his work as an Associate Segment Producer for Jerry Lewis and his MDA Labor Day Telethon.